Rev J Scott Martin PE

"Shot of Hope and Dose of Love"

"For The Sick and Tired"

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Shot of Hope and Dose of Love
For The Sick and Tired

★ Chapter Five, Life Lessons

Sage Advise

If you need to excise a tumor,
The best blade is clever humor.
The patient has so much fun,
He never feels the tumor undone.


There is no greater futility,
Than to pray for humility.
The request itself is vain,
The quest will drive you insane.

If you ever know you are humble,
That knowledge will make you stumble.
To be as humble as I,
You must eat your share of humble pie.


Courage is more common,
Than the common cold.
It is hard wired in every Mom.
Without it no one grows old.

Flea Count

If I judged me,
Like i judge thee,
I'd spend my day,
Flicking fleas.