Rev J Scott Martin PE

"Shot of Hope and Dose of Love"

"For The Sick and Tired"

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Shot of Hope and Dose of Love
For The Sick and Tired

★ Chapter Four, Beatitudes

"Poverty of spirit"

I wonder what it means?
It is,
What it seems!


If there was but more peace,
Less weak people would be dead,
How can I make peace,
I didn't even make my bed.

Blessed are the Meek?

"Blessed are the meek", says Jesus, "for they shall inherit the earth."
OK, but when? I've been thinking about this Beatitude for several days.
The Meek,
Do not Seek,
Real estate,
As their Fate.

The Meek,
May seem Weak,
But in the End,
They will Win!

★ Chapter Five, Life Lessons