Rev J Scott Martin PE

"Shot of Hope and Dose of Love"

"For The Sick and Tired"

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Shot of Hope and Dose of Love
For The Sick and Tired

★ Chapter Three, Problem of Evil

Eyes not Ears

I was;
Wounded by a human hand,
Slandered by a human tongue,
And Shunned by a human group.
Should I be mad, or angry, or distressed? Of course, It is only human. But ...
When human hands helped me heal I saw the hand of God.
When human tongues spoke kind words I heard the voice of God,
When human groups welcome me I met the people of God.
I pray for those who did me wrong. They may yet do evil but I hope not.
The real lesson is not in the hurting but in seeing God in the healing.
Like Job ...
"I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you"

Morally Illogical

I passed a month,
In the depths of despair.
That anyone should suffer so,
I judge cruelly unfair.

I passed part of today,
In a state of near euphoria.
For the return of health,
I shout hallelujah, gloria!

How is it fair this day?
My heart should beat again.
When cancer, hunger, cholera,
Kill children without sin?

★ Chapter Four, Beatitudes

★ Chapter Five, Life Lessons