Rev J Scott Martin PE

"Shot of Hope and Dose of Love"

"For The Sick and Tired"

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Shot of Hope and Dose of Love
For The Sick and Tired

★ Chapter One, Sick and Tired

★ Chapter Two, Silly Poems with Scott

Christmas Blues ???

Tears dripping from my face,
Prove I am of the human race.
I don't have the Christmas Blues,
I have the Christmas Chartreuse.

Body Image

Mirror mirror on the wall,
He ain't me at all.

Cow Ties, A Preacher's Regret

I told cow jokes,
To lots of folks.
I got Christmas gifts with udders,
You just can't imagine the clutters.
I find this quite regrettable,
I should have joked about something edible.

Cannibal Soup

White Chicken Chili,
The words were suppose to be,
Auto-correcting chicjen? to children,
Made a Cannibal of me

Auto-correct is our new worst enema!

Holiday at Ocean or Mountains ?

Some men dream,
To pee in the sea.
To pee on a tree,
Suffices for me.

★ Chapter Three, Problem of Evil

★ Chapter Four, Beatitudes

★ Chapter Five, Life Lessons