Rev J Scott Martin PE

"Shot of Hope and Dose of Love"

"For The Sick and Tired"

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Shot of Hope and Dose of Love
For The Sick and Tired

★ Chapter One, Sick and Tired

Gone Fishin

This well is empty,
Dry as a dinosaur bone.
Ring my front door bell.
I'll yell "I'm not home".


A fool once traded his health,
With a fellow who had great wealth,
And though it may have been a sin,
His wealth was enjoyed by his next of kin.

Arrhythmia Battles

Arrhythmia is hard to spell.
At times it’s so benign it's hard to tell.
But some wake you from a sound sleep.
Leaving no room for counting sheep,
Just like Little Bo Peep.
I confess a temptation to fight.
I confess a temptation for flight.
The trick is to be still of heart and soul,
And let the peace of God take control.
A heavenly drummer sounds the beat,
And Arrhythmia scurries in full retreat.


It would seem it is a bacterium,
Which is causing my delirium.

★ Chapter Two, Silly Poems with Scott

★ Chapter Three, Problem of Evil

★ Chapter Four, Beatitudes

★ Chapter Five, Life Lessons