Loans, Redeeming Lost Property for the Kingdom of God

Matthew 13:44 The kingdom of heaven xis like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy yhe goes and sells all that he has and buys that field

To help fund loans to the poorest of the poor RevJScottMartin LLC contacts owners of lost property and offers to help restore the money to them for a 10% commission.

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Sample Loan Uganda Africa

Loan for Vella

The loan request we received.


El ROI shoe business will be located in Lira town dealing in second hand ladies and children's shoes.The business will be run jointly by Sandra Ayat and Vella okori. the purpose of the business is to create employment and gain financial independence. A loan of 300 dollars as start up capital will be provided by Rev.Scott Martin. The loan will be payed back in 30months by saving 10dollars every month. With the 300dollars: 1.We shall rent a room in the market at 25.74 dollars. transport to and from Kampala 30.88 dollars,buy shoe racks 46.33dollars and buy the opening stock at 154.44 dollars. We shall open a bank account where the loan will be repaid and sent back to Rev Scott Martin or to whoever he designates.

Vella's Son

The loan was sent via worldremit for a cost of $0.01 USA on July 18, 2018 form Rev Martin's personal funds. He would like to make more loans like this one. If you choose his services you will help someone with desperate needs run their own business.

Vella's Inspiring Story
Virtual Assistant Computer's Died

Maria (pseudonym) is a single mother and a cancer survivor and a former sex worker. At age 15 she ran away from home when she discovered she was adopted. She was so hungry she began to prostitute herself. She lived homeless, on the streets, for five years. After she became pregnant she moved home but had to continue in the sex industry. She learned some I.T. skills and began to get small jobs as a Virtual Assistant until her computer broke.

Rev Martin gave her a loan for her new computer and to work again. She received $300 loan sent by western union directly to her bank account. Now she is healthy and ready being back to work for her to raise her child and never go back again in Cybersex and Sex industry.

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