Covid 19 Update

September 9, 2020

The covid-19 situation still lives with us as and its effect and impact on the general the general development in the country is still massive. Every sector of development is greatly affected and life has ceased to be normal. The vulnerable cadres of the society are the biggest casualties to this since they cannot afford even basic necessities. Worse off are the orphans and vulnerable children whose real parents are no more and lives under the mercy of guardians whose economic status is also wanting and are overwhelmed raising even their own children.

The orphaned Girl child bears the biggest brat in this COVID-19 era. Given the fact that schools are closed and various sectors of economy are low they are subject to various means of earning a living thus exposing them to the greatest vices and dangers

Since March 2020 when the situation of COVID-19 started, stringent measures by WHO and in extension the Government of Kenya were put in place to curb and arrest the situation. The trickle effect of these measures directly interfered with our activities, for example reduced movements, curfew and lock downs just to mention a few paralyzed our activities more so of field visitations to the orphaned girls to their homes where they are taken care of by good Samaritans who became their guardians.

Regular follow up and monitoring visits are always key to supporting the girls as it is one very important way to always stay connected with them and in so doing encourages, counsels, guides and support them thus translating to reduced dangers to their lives.

Even though the Covid-19 situation is still not any better and government policies on it still intact. I decided to make some follow up visits on the girls where their guardians live to find our things are with them. was sad. The experience was not pleasant with the adolescent girls, yes what was being said in the media was true that situation has led to many school going adolescent girls to get unwarranted pregnancies since they no longer go to school. Some of our girls that our organization support was not left out in this heart breaking situation, yes some are pregnant, and being orphans they now require even more support ranging from counselling to material things otherwise some may be tempted to a worse scenario like attempting abortion which can be very dangerous to their lives, and therefore close contacts needed. The situation is no better for them these orphans and vulnerable girls don’t have basic necessities that a girl needs to keep herself. It is indeed a very challenging situation

Our organization has been hit hard by lack of resources to continue facilitating the basic requirements of these orphaned girls even though we are trying with little available.

It was evident from the visit that even sanitary towels were a problem never to mention feeding, which they skip meals or take one meal per day whose ration is even small. We will continue with these visits despite the hardships and government rules so as to save these girls from extreme difficulties it’s the one of the way that will give them motivation and inspiration and instill hope of life in the wake of the hard situation at hand. They rely on the organization as abridge to their success in life and appreciate a lot. This was echoed by the Girls and their guardians during the visit I made.

A visit to some of our orphaned and vulnerable girls

Some of the Guardians of the girls trying keep life going by the produce from their small gardens

Quite a lot needs to be done to improve the situation with the girls and as an organization we still feel one of the best way is to acquire land have the girls stay and taken care of all round. With this they can also produce food and helped to learn to do things which will be of significance to them in a future