George Habil Girl Child Foundation

George Habil Girl Child Foundation

Under Construction Oct 22, 2020

Covid 19 UPDATE Oct 2020

The covid-19 situation still lives with us as and its effect and impact on the general the general development in the country is still massive. Every sector of development is greatly affected and life has -more-

George Habil Girl Child Foundation
is now registered (Feb 2020)
as a charity in Kenya.

It is run by what I, Rev J Scott Martin, call the venerable women of Kisumu Kenya
and led by a former orphan.

When she was a girl, Carol experienced losing both her parents at an early age.
After many horrific years she survived to adulthood. Now she has incredible sympathy
for those little girls around the community who have lost their parents.

Today, Carol Awuori, as the founder, is formalizing the work she is doing with more than 99 local orphans.

Founder, Caren Awuory Every time I try to write down the story of my life, I never have the courage to finish because of all the pain of my past life as an orphan. I had nine sisters but only three survived. My passion is to prevent children from suffering the way I did after my parents both died.

OUR OBJECTIVE To house every orphan who dwelling in the street of Kisumu
and ensure a constant supply of daily nutritional needs, medical supplies,
and educational assistance to bridge social barriers and give them a brighter future.
To construct a secured facility with a 100-bed capacity children’s dormitory, a playground, an activity area, a library, and a computer room.
To have access to a health facility in times of need for the orphans and medical supplies for children suffering from major health issues (like HIV) that need immediate medical attention.
To assist orphans in obtaining government's educational assistance.
To assure that each child will be provided with their daily nutritional needs.
To send caregivers to various relevant workshops from time to time.
To have a vehicle to use as the main transportation for the home.

Rev J Scott Martin The Rev. J. Scott Martin PE, of Lexington Kentucky USA is serving as a volunteer webmaster. We are looking for a replacement.

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