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What is a life coach?
According to Mirriam-Webster a life coach is an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems. ("Life Coach." Accessed July 11, 2018.) Rev J Scott Martin PE defines Life Coach as, "a coach who help you set goals, achieve goals, and overcome obstacles. A Life Coach encourages and holds you accountable to your own goals. A life coach is a true friend."

Rev Martin defines Life Coach

Rev J Scott Martin PE
Certified Life Coach: Rev. J Scott Martin PE
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A tragic mistake by a heart surgeon ended Rev. Martin”Ēs service as a Missionary with Food for the Hungry. For ten years he has struggled with poor health and has had six surgeries including four open thoracic surgeries of the heart. He had persevered with humor and a positive attitude that is contagious.
With careers in Engineering, six years as a Methodist pastor, and eight years with Food for the Hungry Rev Martin had tons of life experiences to give him a very unique perspective on life. He says, ”ČLife is beautiful!”É
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Rev.Dean Peters
Certified Life Coach: Rev. Dean Peters
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Dean has strong background in the military and as an entrepreneur and in sales. Dean started Calvary Chapel in the tough streets of downtown Managua. He now runs PureHeartChildren's ministry in Nicaragua. When you choose Coach Dean you feed hungry kids a plate of nutritious food in Nicaragua.
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Life Coach: Vella Okori

Vella lives 7 km from Lira in Uganda.
She survived the massacre of her family when she was 13 years old and being gang raped when she was 20. Her story of survival is inspiring. She is available by Messenger only. She will share to you her inspiring battle of her life and lets help her to survive for their everyday needs.
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Virtual Assistant: Mitch Ferrer

Mitch is from Philippines and living with son as a Single mom. She just survived from a surgery last april due to Cervix Myoma in her uterus. You will be helping Mitch to raise her kid and recover from a life threatening illness. She will make sure to serve you quality job that you deserve. Mitch is here to schedule your time with your coach. She will be so glad to make your acquaintance. She is also available as a coach in administration and IT. If you need help with your Facebook account or a letter typed or any other Virtual Assistance, Mitch will be happy to schedule time with herself.

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