Rev J Scott Martin PE

"Lost and Found in Chirripo"

Lost and Found in Chirripo

If you like Christian, Action-Adventure then this book is in your genre. The heroine is a fourteen year old girl, the daughter of second generation missionaries translating the Bible for the Cabecar Indigenous Group in the Chirripo Reservation in Costa Rica. Can she save her father and uncles from an evil shaman? This book is loosely based on Rev. Martin's missionary experience in 1998.

"Shot of Hope and Dose of Love
For The Sick and Tired"

Shot of Hope

A tragic mistake by a heart surgeon ended Rev. Martin’s service as a Missionary with Food for the Hungry. For ten years he has struggled with poor health and has had six surgeries including four open thoracic surgeries of the heart. These poems are assembled in hopes of being medicine to some other soul struggling with illness. They contain a mixture of empathy, hope, wisdom, love, and above all humor. They are a mixture of the very silly and the very serious including some poems on the Problem of Evil.